Coyote Hunting Video 35 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 35

This coyote hunting video shows how you can make a stand on a coyote that you just drove by in a vehicle. On the first stand we were interrupted by a road hunter. You can tell I wasn’t happy with these turn of events. We spent time setting up and blending in well. We respect the art of calling coyotes. It is frustrating to see another person in the field that doesn’t…

After I was done pouting we started driving to a new location in order to get cell signal, and then continue our hunt when we drove by a coyote. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 34 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 34

Coyote hunting isn’t easy. On this first hunt we brought in a coyote that gave us the slip on our downwind side. The coyote used cover to get downwind while preventing Uriah from getting a good shot. We thought the coyote was going to come in closer to the decoy, but coyotes don’t always do what you want…

On the second hunt we were on our way home when we spotted multiple coyotes off the highway. We had permission to hunt the property, but were reluctant to try and make a stock on the coyotes. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 32 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 32

These two videos are great examples of the preparation needed to hunt coyotes. Hunting coyotes is different than most types of hunts. The action can be fast and unexpected. It is important to know your weapons and be comfortable with them.

On these hunts we had just received new rifles and shotguns. We didn’t have time to get used to them. We were confident that we would be OK, but we were wrong. Even though we had superior guns, we weren’t used to hunting with them. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 30 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 30

On this coyote hunting video Uriah Wurst takes his son Wyatt Wurst and father Deni Wurst coyote hunting. Uriah’s father traveled all the way from Missouri to hunt with Uriah. No pressure on this hunt… He only had his son and father watching.

It was a foggy day and coyotes were howling in the background every time Uriah made a coyote vocalization. The coyote’s howls seemed to sound closer every time they responded. It wasn’t long and it seemed like the coyotes weren’t coming any closer to the call, so Uriah started making distress sounds. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 29 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 29

Coyote hunting with new hunting partners can offer new challenges. Uriah Wurst and I have been coyote hunting together for a long time. We have been hunting together so long that it is scary. It is almost like we know each others thoughts. When we hunt with other people we always have a good time, but often struggle getting the hunt on film like we are accustomed to. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 28 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 28

Hunting coyotes in a busy terrain gives the coyote a definite advantage. It is harder for the hunter to pick out the coyote. On this coyote hunt there is a fresh snow on the ground.The snow gives the advantage to the hunter because the darker coyote stands out. On this hunt there is so many small brushes that it is still harder to spot the coyote than I would of thought. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 27 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 27

On the coyote hunting video we call in a coyote with mange. Mange is destructive and is a slow death for coyotes. It is also contagious to other animals. The infected animal will start scratching and biting at the burrowing mite that is causing the irritation until they lose their hair. Eventually they will lose their hair and have little defense against cold weather. Mange is a cruel and slow death. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 26 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 26

You can call coyotes in high wind. The trick is to target bedding areas that a coyote may use to get out of the wind. Look for tight cover and deep draws. A coyotes will most likely get in an area where the wind isn’t blowing as hard. I don’t think they like the wind any more than we do. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 25 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 25

This video starts off with my hunting buddy “Slow Poke” Uriah Wurst. I was rip roaring to go and was all loaded up in the truck and Uriah was still sleeping. I punished him a little on the beginning of this video. He never learned anything from it, but it was funny. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 24 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 24

When coyote hunting we see a lot of different critters. On this hunt I was calling coyotes and called in a mule deer. This deer didn’t just wander in when I was predator calling, but he ran in and stared at the decoy. I was wearing King’s Camouflage and a QuikCamo hat. This Mule Deer stood 20 yards from me and never noticed I was there. I wasn’t sitting in a tree stand either. I was sitting right out on the ground with only a few sage brush to nestle into. [Read more...]