Coyote Hunting Video 44 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 44Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst of Bucking The Odds take you on one of their funnest coyote hunts! All coyote hunts are fun, but this one has the unexpected. The video starts off at a stand location where the Bucking The Odds Pro Staff have brought in multiple coyotes before, but they have never brought them in like this except for Uriah’s Triple. On this coyote hunt Uriah calls in a double and unloads his Benelli Super Black Eagle II in the first coyote. The second coyote heads for the hills, but Uriah immediatly starts to ki-yi (coyote in distress). I had my doubts but the second coyote comes back. It comes in a little slower and a little more cautious. Uriah then takes this coyote with the Benelli MR1.Once Uriah’s second coyote is taken both Uriah and Lance feel this hunt is over. They spend the rest of the time retrieving the two coyotes and filming the after hunt sequence. We carry on laugh and joke during the filming thinking about our next hunt when Uriah hears a coyote howling in the distance. Usually I would suggest moving on and trying our luck somewhere else, but after this amazing coyote hunt I was game to give it a shot. You have to see the rest of this hunt to believe it!

Good Luck on your future coyote hunts!

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Lance Benson, Pro Staff

Bucking The Odds

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  1. Newell says:

    First, I realy like this web site. I would like to know what the correct way to skin song dogs.I’m very new to this exciting sport, the more tip and advise I can get will be very helpful.

    Thanks for the great videos,

    • Al says:

      The best way to skin furbearing animals is to case skin them.. This meaning that you cut across the back, underside of the back legs and peel them forward, like taking off a sock… peel them to the front legs, peel the front legs of the hide to the paw, peel the paw out or cut the hide off, at the paw. contuine peeling the hide down the neck to the ears, feel with your fingers for the base of the ears and cut them off (under the hide), peel to the eyes and cut the lids (again under thehide), peel down the upper jaw to the nose and cut it out, then the lower jaw. You’ll be working from the inside out, so, when you make your cuts, you should have the ears, eye lids, nose and lips on the hide… when finished, you have what would be a large fur sock, stretch it over a strecther, and if your looking to sell the hide, you want to stretch for as much width and length as you can get… If you blew a large hole, sew it up, from the inside, before to put it on the stretcher… With the low price of hides, I won’t skin one of those greasy (&%$(&… but, we hunt them, to keep their numbers down….. Hope this helps, It’s alot more difficult to try and explain skinning one, than it is to show someone…. Best of luck… and keep killin them….

    • jakob thompson says:

      Another easy way to skin a yote is to cut around the ankles, then follow ur knife along the inside of their legs into their midsection, then cut from their sex organs on up to the throat (for males, cut around then cut off later), then, like you did with the ankles, cut around the neck or desired part of the head. (make sure all cuts lead to another cut) then start skinning!

    • Robert Siddens says:

      When you guys going to put more videos on it almost winter 2012-2013.

  2. George Heidel says:

    Hey Guys, You two rock year after year ,,,,video after video , and then backed up by Big Smith,and Benilli ,does it get any better…..Keep em’ commin’, speaking for myself , “I can’t get enough and I’ll never get tiried of watching you guys”…..Wish ya all the luck in the world……….
    Thanks Much,
    George (AKA rchawkeye)

  3. Sean Picklesimer says:

    That was a hell of a shot. great video keep them coming.

  4. Paul Seim says:

    I think that has to be one of my favorite video’s!

    Thanks guys!

    • Ready says:

      what is the wing shaped thing on the end of ur shotgun and why?

      • Lance Benson says:

        It is a small bi-pod. It is to keep your shotgun out of the dirt and snow when you are sitting at the stand.

        • Ready says:

          good idea…..where did you buy it? must snap on barrel? unlike rifle bi pod that attaches to swivel?

        • Ready says:

          where did you buy it….who makes it?

        • Will Bryant says:

          Howdy again Lance,I have looked HI & low for that type of bi pod you use on your shot gun but I can’t find it anywhere.My M-2 Field is taking a beating this young season so far.HELP !!!!!

          • Van says:

            Hey Will,
            The website for the manufacturer is
            I have these for both my 12ga and 20ga shotguns. Very handy. They’re only $15 each, plus shipping of course, so they’re a pretty good deal. When I ordered mine, they were slow to ship. Over two weeks from the time my card was charged, to the time my order was shipped, even though their site showed them in stock and ready to ship. Very poor communication when I tried to get response on shipping status. But the product is a very good item. Worth the hassle to get them. Just sharing this with you so you won’t be too surprised if you have similar results. Good luck!

  5. Jay Nistetter says:

    Great video guys.

  6. Aaron Ledeboer says:

    Awesome hunt topped off with an amazing shot! This sure motivated me to get out and chase some dogs this weekend. You guys make some of the best coyote hunting videos out there, keep them coming!

    Keep living the dream guys

  7. Jim Bob Yeomans says:

    I’m having a hard time getting coyotes to commit right now. Its late feb early mar and I cant get the dogs to come all the way in. I’ve even had them sit in the brush 600 yards away and bark at me. The dogs are there because I’m finding sign every were. What can I do to get these dogs to make a life ending mistake?

    • Lance Benson says:

      Could be the wind or they are picking you out. It is important to blend in well with your surroundings. If this isn’t it it could just be call smart dogs. You could try another sound that isn’t heard as much like a bird in distress or try squeaking them in.

    • Harley Yote says:

      All I could tell you Jim Bob is that maybe they know you like I know you. lol But honestly this is the time of the year that is the hardest to get them to commit. With whats on their miinds I would say they are just making sure it is a sure thing before they come in. They could also be holding at their teritorial line to. Anyway buddy good to see you on here.
      NOW SIGN Good people here.

    • BR Sapp says:

      I watched a coyote hunting video where a dog was hung up barking at them. The hunter replied back (mimicked) the exact same barks or howls that the coyote made. The coyote barked 3 times, the hunter barked right back 3 times. After a couple of minutes, the coyote came on in and was shot. Might be worth a try if the situation presents itself again.

  8. Randy Hill says:

    Fantastic Video guy’s ;Your informative, educational, and exciting for us rookies watch.
    Keep up the hard fun of doing what you love

    Thankx guys

  9. Marshall Burckhard says:

    You Guys Need to have a Show.

  10. Randy Hill says:

    Randy Hill

    I think Ive watched all the BTO videos, and they’re great. I looked in the forum under hunting tips, and camoflague but haven’t found anything reguarding cover scents. Do you guys use cover scents, Scent loc camo,ect.

  11. Fantastic show of true sportsmenship and professionalizme you two!! once again you guy’s go out and buck the Odds. As a friend and member I can only say how proud of you guys and what an honor to know you two it is. Keep it up and if I may just alittle criticism for Uriah, we need you to practice shooting alittle more – no more three shot sir on one dog! watch Lance one shot drop! ha ha just kidding. Congrats to both of you and by the way my sincere thoughts and preyers go out to the Bucking The Odds family in their time of loss last month, so so sorry. Don’t ask why and don’t understand why, but the good lord up above always takes the good ones young. keep on Hunt’n!

  12. hummer says:

    This is a great video…keep them coming!!!!

  13. caedon ervien says:

    Im trying to look inti a new camera so i can start filming my hunts and was wondering what camera i should use?

  14. Bill Gregg says:

    I shoot a Winchester Mod 70 chambered in 270 Weatherby Magnum. With handloads and 130 grain bullets it is very effective out to 600 yards or more but I think the round is a little too heavy for Coyotes. I am looking at buying a new rifle and considering a 22-250 or a 204 ruger. Any ideas about which would be the better rifle for long distance coyotes and prairie dogs?

    • SCOTTY D says:

      I just made a night kill a couple of weeks ago @ 371 yds w/ my .204 Savage Predator… I really love that caliber & weapon…My .243 & .223 are sitting in the safe, collecting dust, since I bought it..

      The 22-250 is ok for longer stuff but if you wanna start shooting at 600+ yds, I’d say that a .243 would be the minimum caliber to start with…Just my 2 cents.. : )

  15. Cody Webb says:

    Hey lance im starting out fresh and learning how to hunt coyote. first i have to ask how many yards was that shot you took for the last kill? that was amazing. and a few questions…..can a regular ar style .22 take down a coyote?
    what kind of rounds do i use? and last would acu camo be good for like riverbeds?

    • Lance Benson says:

      I would suggest a .223. Coyotes are tough critters. Any camo can work. The trick is not being to dark or to light for the surroundings. Pick a pattern that matches the best you can. Shade is your friend when it comes to blending in even better.

      • Cody Webb says:

        well i went and bought live tree camo like you guys use and have to admit that it will probably work better for my surroundings of woodland but i like to shoot prone position so in the riverbed the acu might be better. and what rounds do i use for a .223 that will go in small come out big?

  16. Cody Webb says:

    Hey Lance and Uriah, I went hunting today for coyotes and had no luck. I was out for about two hours using coyote urine, rabbit distress call and I bought brush camo. and still didnt get anything. Are coyotes more likely to come out in the day or more towards night? Because i go towards dusk and dont get any results. This is the second time this has happened to me. But when i started packing it up to go home I heard at least five different coyotes in the river bed howling….made me sad i wasnt able to get me one. How long am I supposed to call for and how long of tone length. cuz i call about three times then wait about ten minutes and do it again. Can you please help me?

  17. Andrew Sharpe says:

    Hey, Cody .
    I am by far not a pro at hunting ‘yotes. I have a bit over 16 yrs hunting them in the southwest US.
    I don’t know where you are hunting at here are some of my tips that may help you.
    1) are there coyote tracks, scat and sign where your hunting?
    2) have you used any locating calls where your hunting (siren sounds,male coyote challenge, ect.)?
    3) are you using cover at your back to cover your profile such as trees, bushes, brush, or cactus?
    4) are you using the wind to your advantage?
    5) do your call sounds mimic the local prey?
    6) have you tried a higher pitch call like a fox in distress? To me some of the higher pitch calls carry a bit farther.
    7) are you walking swiftly but quietly to your stand with minimal sounds?
    8) after you set up your call stand are you keeping your movements to a bare minimum only moving when your putting your gun up to shoot? Try to move your eyes fast to scan, and move your head very very slowly.
    9) are you using scent blocking camos and boots? Try showering just before hunting without soaps or shampoo, and have NO hairspray or anything scented, and by God never smoke before, or during hunting.
    10) always keep scouting for new places to call ‘yotes that have good sign tracks and scat.
    11) try not to go to the top of a hill or butte this can silhouette you against a horizon for miles and miles. Try to set up your calls up a hill a bit giving you a raised position (hopefully with good cover at your back and a good open clearing that leaves the ‘yotes wide open for shooting).
    I call for up to 35 mins. I start my calls at low volume for 2-3 mins then a 1 min rest then a bit louder with a 1 min. Rest just keep getting louder ever minute after each sequence.
    It seems if I am calling for 45 -75 mins without a ‘yote coming in OTC (other than coyotes) come in bobcats, and mountain lions. I have had over 9 close encounters with mountain lions in 16 years. I have had them even smack the speaker before I realized a lion showed up, and have had more bobcats than I can count show up.
    If you do everything mostly correctly you should have some type of critter show up maybe a 1/3 of the time on so so days and critters show up on GREAT days.
    Hope my ramblings helped you here.
    Best of luck.

  18. Andrew Sharpe says:

    Funny thing today. I went to a place I have hunted ‘yotes numerous times over the years. I call it my ‘yote testing area because it has a bunch of natural water springs, and tanks figured I would call tons of ‘yotes and just maybe bust some quail now and then when I was walking back from a stand. Only saw 1 ‘yote that snuck into a stand which was close enough for a shotgun.
    Then after I was done hunting I was driving home and saw a interesting spot that has public hiking trails on it. I thought to myself “wow I bet nobody has called here before”. I checked everything out lots of ” no motor vehicle” signs at the trailhead but nothing about hunting. So I took a newbie coyote hunting partner along. We hiked back about 1/4 mile avoiding the trails, and watching for tracks in the sand washes.
    After setting up our call stand and playing the e caller on low with a Primos jack rabbit mouth call a young ‘yote showed up after about 5 mins of calling. My hunting partner had a great shot at about 60 yards using a Savage 22-250. She squeezed the trigger on to hear a “click”. After she quickly cycled another round, and I lip squeaked, and barked at the ‘yote she got em with a good shot.
    Congrats Debbie on busting your first ‘yote.
    Sometimes it is more rewarding to teach someone else how to bust ‘yotes.
    Especially my friend Debbie she has a real vengeance for coyotes because a month ago ‘yotes killed her Boston Terrier named Ike right in front of her patio.
    I now think she is addicted to this crazy sport!!
    Good luck out there everybody.

  19. Best things seem to be the ones which are unexpected. I prefer hunting coyotes with Ruger, rather then Benelli, but everybody has different tastes. Congrats for catching so many coyotes!

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