Coyote Hunting Video 45 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 45Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst of Bucking The Odds release their new coyote hunting video. This video shows how a normal coyote reacts while coming to the call. This video also show the new Mojo Double Trouble calling system.

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Coyote Hunting Video 44 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 44Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst of Bucking The Odds take you on one of their funnest coyote hunts! All coyote hunts are fun, but this one has the unexpected. The video starts off at a stand location where the Bucking The Odds Pro Staff have brought in multiple coyotes before, but they have never brought them in like this except for Uriah’s Triple. On this coyote hunt Uriah calls in a double and unloads his Benelli Super Black Eagle II in the first coyote. The second coyote heads for the hills, but Uriah immediatly starts to ki-yi (coyote in distress). I had my doubts but the second coyote comes back. It comes in a little slower and a little more cautious. Uriah then takes this coyote with the Benelli MR1. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 43 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 43

Coyote Hunting open ground next to an active ranch house presented some challenges to Lance Benson. Uriah Wurst and Lance have seen coyotes in some heavy willows next to a pond on several occasions. They dismissed the site as a good coyote calling location because of the flat open ground. The coyotes had exceptional cover and also had a great location to watch human movements. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 42 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 42 Coyote Hunting with Bucking The Odds starts off with a excited coyote charging the MOJO Critter. The Benelli Super Black Eagle II quickly slows the coyote down. This was the first hunt of the 2011-2012 season. We already have several hunts in the can and will release them as soon as we can get them edited. On this hunt you will see a hard charging coyote that is totally committed to the call. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting with the Mojo Puppy Predator Decoy

Mojo PuppyThe Mojo Puppy produced a coyote the first hunting trip we used it on. Uriah and I had a raised eyebrow the first time we saw it. We thought it was strange looking compared to some of the predator decoys we have used in the past. It looks like a small stuffed animal shaped like a puppy dog. I guess the funny thing is we assume we know what a coyote would be attracted to even though we know they still real puppy dogs right off the back porches of pet owners. [Read more...]

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Coyote Hunting Video 40 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 40

Coyote Hunting in tall grass can be a trick. Filming a coyote hunt in tall grass can be even harder. We may have had a little to much fun making this video. Watch as Uriah struggles to get his Nikon Coyote Special on this coyote and I struggle to get the camera on it.

We started the day out with some very cold weather. It was as low as 5 degrees that morning. We forgot to load the Mojo Critter and e-call with fresh batteries so the cold weather put the kill to both of them. Batteries were something I forgot to check off on my hunting gear list that morning. [Read more...]

Mule Deer Hunting Videos with Bucking The Odds

BTO 39

This is our first Mule Deer Hunting Video. Uriah Wurst and I decided to try our luck getting a Mule Deer hunt on film. It was not as easy as we thought it would be at first. The good news is we have a close friend that knows the deer country really well. We spent our first weekend driving around with him and looking at deer. [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Video with Bucking The Odds

BTO 38

This was a great time filming Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. We were with our good friend Dave Bunker. He is an outfitter for Powderhorn Primitive Outfitters and we are lucky enough that he just likes to hang out with us. He was in the process of showing us some good hunting county when he decided to take a little time out to show us some mountain sheep. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 37 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 37

This was the second coyote we were able to call in after returning from the Comanche National Grasslands. Uriah had to play with a tarantula before heading back to Notellem Creek. They don’t bother me, but I certainly don’t like them crawling on me.

This coyote responded to the call immediately from upwind. The good news is it spotted the MOJO Critter decoy and was very interested in hanging around. The hard part was the coyote was able to move around a low area that made it difficult for Uriah to get a shot off. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Video 36 with Bucking The Odds

BTO 36

This coyote hunting video was exciting because we had hunted the National Grasslands for a couple of days with little results. This sometimes happens with coyote hunting. It may have been the lunar phase or the many hunters running around in orange that had the coyote activity slowed down. We decided to head back to our local coyote hunting country where we were familiar with the coyote activity. It was slow there also, but we were able to call in a coyote on a slow day. [Read more...]