Rafael Serrano Will Be Missed

An unfortunate hunting accident involving an accidental discharge of a hunting rifle took the life of Rafael Serrano of Casper Wyoming. Rafael was an active member and good friend in the Hunting Community. He was a moderator for us at Bucking The Odds, a member of Muley Fanatics, and was responsible for organizing and putting together many Coyote Hunting Contest. We were always amazed at how unselfish he was with both his time and money. Rafael would buy prizes out of his own pockets and give them away to winning teams of the hunting contest. He was always promoting the sport.trans

Thanks for caring and helping out his family in their time of need. Your responses have been heart warming.

Rafael Serrano 11















Rafael and his family.


Rafael Serrano and Wife 300x192

Rafael and his wife Andrea

Rafael Serrano 9 200x300

Rafael visiting Lance and Uriah in Colorado.

Rafael Serrano 8 300x225

Rafael having fun with the family.

Rafael Serrano 7 220x300

Rafael in the field where he loved to be.

Rafael Serrano 6 300x225

Taking it easy!

Rafael Serrano 5 300x225


Rafael Serrano 4 183x300

Rafael looking good in his dress Blues!

Rafael Serrano 3 229x300

Rafael Blending in and dreaming of an approaching coyote.

Rafael Serrano 21 300x200

Rafael ready to drop the hammer down!

Muley Fanatic 300x244

Rafael and his wife Andrea dedicating their time with the Muley Fanatics.

Rafael Serrano 10 224x300

Rafael Hunting with Uriah in Colorado.

Rafael Serrano Mov

Rafael Serrano 300x226


Rafael 1 300x277

Rafael Serrano

Rafael and Geoff 300x225

Rafael Hunting With Geoff of Coyote Craze.

Rafael BTO 230x300

Uriah used his I-Phone to make a picture for Rafael.

We will miss you Brother!


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  1. Rafael Serrano says:

    This was beautiful and was brought over to me by a family friend to look at. It wasn’t just time amd money he gave u all but a little of his soul. He truely loved ever organization he worked with from yote to muledeer.the warmth that has been shown and arms spread around our familyis honestly amazing. Thank you for thinking of our family in this heartbreaking time.. Our childrean seeing this makes them vey proud.. Words just can’t express ….

    • JJ says:

      Thanks you so much for taking the time to share your comments!
      I am sure it means a lot to everybody here to know that yall are felling our love!

      I pray God will hold you and your family close to help you through this tough time!
      I will keep you guys in my prayers!

      God bless!

  2. casey johnson says:

    We will miss you buddy! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  3. SWAMPBUCK10PT says:

    Rest In Peace My Friend—-Thank you for serving our Country with Honor—Its like I’ve Known you for ever even though we’ve never personally met, our love of the outdoors and hunting bring all of us BTO members close. We will surely miss you—-Our Prayers and our Hearts go out to your Beautiful Wife and Children the Lord will help them through this Difficult time—-God Bless —————Skip & Sharon

  4. Admin says:

    Please let me know if you have more background on Rafael or pictures you would like to share and I will post them on this page.

  5. Evie says:

    Hi your paypal does not accept NON US paypal accounts. My mother and I would like to donate to help out Rafy’s family. So please work out a way so that those of us who do not have a US paypal can still help out.

  6. John in Prescott says:

    Thank you Raf, for everything you’ve done for our sport and our country. You will be missed by both BTO and the hunting comunity. My family’s condolences and thoughts go out to your’s, rest in peace Rafeal.

  7. Jon says:

    Thank you guys here at BTO for setting up this family fund. I know there is nothing I, or anyone can say that will “fix” anything, but being able to donate is great.

    Rafael, you will be missed by many.

  8. J. Cruzen says:

    Thank You Rafael for for being a great inspiration. Even though we never met you my Son and I felt like we’ve known you for a long time, Thank You for all the hard work and late nights that you had put into BTO. We are truly sadden from your accident. May the Good Lord Bless and comfort You and your Family. Thanks Rafy.

  9. jerry w.. says:

    Glod Bless you and your family Rafael..Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    JW and family

  10. From all the members and staff of WTVH. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


  11. kallinfool says:

    Although I knew Rafael for a short while, through our short chats here, He sounded like a great guy who shared the passion of callin with many of us!! He will surely be missed throughout the predator hunting community. My wife and I send our prayers to his family.

  12. HAL SPENCER says:

    I only new Raf for a short time. But from our conversations on the phone and on BTO I can true fully say that I think I knew just about everything about him . A Caring man for others and a father and husband and a great moderator . I feel he threw his all at everything he did . He will be remembered and never forgotten in my house hold …….

    My prayers go out to him and his family and will continue for many days to come

    Hal Spencer

  13. loren reese says:

    Rafael, going to miss you brother! My thoughts and prayers are with your family. We will share a stand together some day on the great hunting ground above! God Bless!


  14. billy douglas says:

    All your hunting friends over here in the uk send our condolences.

  15. birddog2506 says:

    although i never got to meet rafael in person i feel like i new him through our bto family.
    we will be praying for your family

  16. Bruce Miller says:

    To say I am in total shock would be an understatement. While living in Rawlins, WY last year, Rafael and I had many a conversation online and had even discussed setting up some ‘yote hunts. I moved back to Oklahoma and did not get to meet this guy in person. We are both veterans of the US Army and this is one guy who will truely be missed.

  17. Gilbert says:

    allthough we have never hunted together and have never met, I can see that you have friends and family that love you very much. It is a sad day for all of us, rest in peace my friend.

  18. Bret Frye says:

    Rafael was a true asset to the hunting community. His dedication will be forever missed.

    My condolences and prayers are with his family.

  19. Troy "Dead Dog" Myer says:

    We pray for Rafael’s family at this time. There is never anything that comes easy to say in times like this only know that you have alot of people praying for peace. Times like this brings a family even closer together. I would like to say Rafael did alot for the sport that he loved, the groups that he belonged to, and they are all thankful for him being a part. We are all thankful for his service to our country as well. No one knows why things like this happen, except for God and now is the time the family needs to rest in knowing he is in control. We at BTO are all sorry for the loss of RSC.

  20. Chad Erdman says:

    I only met Rafael during the hunt up here in Casper that he and his wife put together. I have chatted with him on the phone a couple of times. It only takes a few secs in a conversation to understand the soul of a person and to see they are sincere with what they do and belive in!!

    Chad Erdman

  21. Randy Beecroft says:

    I never met Rafael face to face, but I did talk to him on the telephone a few times. He and his wife both were a great assett to our first White Mountain Predator Contest. He helped us with donations and advice, both of which were valuble in making our contest a sucess.

    Rafael, you will be missed. My thoughts and prayers of comfort go out to his family.

    Randy Beecroft

  22. Harley Yote says:

    At times like this I am not good with words and am not always sure what to say. The few comunications I had with Rafael were pleasant and humorus. I wish there were things to say to make it easier on the family but there is not much said to ease the grief of a lost loved one. I can say from the many comments from everyone that there is plenty to be proud of. Judy and I pray for strength for the family get through this crisis.
    May God Bless this Family at this time and that they have Rafael in their heart through life.

    You will be missed by many my friend

  23. Jason Miller says:

    That is a very unfortunate accident. I will be praying for his family.

  24. Charlie says:

    The World has lost a very good human being….. He will be missed. God please send your comforting hand to the Serrano Family.
    ~Charles Vann~

  25. Steven Klump says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Eternal rest grant unto Rafael oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, may his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. May his angels escort him to Heaven and I pray that the Lord sustains the Serrano family through this heartbreaking tragedy. God Bless.

  26. Shane Basse says:

    I worked with Rafy for a year as a contractor in Afganistan. He was the night shift manager, and he was the best boss I ever had. I was shocked to hear of his death. He was such a happy, good person. RIP bro.

  27. Lynn Heller says:

    He was a good friend to all those on BTO. Willing to help in anyway he could. We also know he was a good husband, a good father, and a good man. We will miss his knowledge that he willingly shared with us, and his humor that helped brighten our day. May God Bless you and all your family. OM

  28. NvrGvUp says:

    Rafael has touched mine and many others lives while here on earth, and threw his death I know he will touch many more. Some times its hard to understand why things happen the way they do, and with a heart that is broken it is hard to see good in any tragity. I can not relate in any way on how the family is feeling the only thing i can do is grieve with them. Rafaels death was not in vain I have been praying about it just to get some understanding because of the family that is left behind and the kids who will only be left with the memory of a great man they call dad , Rafaels life and death testimony is going to reach out and touch many more lives I also believe that his death is going to save lives. God has a plan for his family to prosper and not to harm, plans to give them hope and a future. I pray for the peace that serpasses all understanding to come upon the serrano family . Be comferted knowing that he is in a place awaiting our arrival but our task here on earth is not yet complete we will meet again It is not over.
    The Jimenez family send our condolences.

  29. Damion Campbell says:

    This is truly a heartbreaking event and it takes my breath away each time I visit this page. I had the honor or serving with Raffy and Andrea which is such a huge shock knowing what wonderful people they are. I choose to remember him for the wonderful and gleeful times we spent together. I remember looking out of my barracks window and seeing Reuben ride up on a Red sport bike and I asked whose bike that was. He told me it was Raffy’s and I told him Raffy couldn’t ride. He said he knew but he wanted it and sure enough in a little over 3 days he was riding the thing like he was born on it. His determination is inspiring and amazing. I also remember walking past his door and hearing salsa music playing and I knocked, I asked him to teach me how to dance since they always went out to Salsa clubs. I may not know how to salsa but I still remember the steps and turns like it was yesterday. Raffy was a soft-spoken man with a heart the size of Wyoming and he will be missed. If I can give any advice to those who knew him it would be to not mourn him but to celebrate his life. I love you brother and I’ll miss you. Andrea you are in my thoughts and prayers and in the thoughts of all your brothers and sisters from the 203d MI BN.

  30. Gutterwoman says:

    our thoughts and prayers are with the family even though we did not know him just by bto.if he was with the bto and served our country he was and outstanding young man god bless all for all our loss

    Jim & Rhoda Weatherford

  31. Andrea Serrano says:

    to each and everyone of you i cant thank you for the support. to see how many people loved my husband as i did is a wonderful thing. he would be laughing and shaking his head to see how many people cared for him. you all have been a family to him and he loved you all. most nights we could hear him giggling like a school girl at something on the forum. you all have touched our lives just as much as you all say rafy has touched yours. our older boys and I sat down tonight and went thru everyones prayers, words, and well wishes. they were so proud and just beaming after. thank you everyone for doing that for them thank you
    Andrea Serrano

  32. B-Dog in Prescott says:

    I want to thank you for helping your community, sport, and family. I am soory you can,t be here to see this, but I know that you will always be with us in mind not body. R . A . F .

  33. Jw Warner says:

    Though we never met, nor talked on the phone and only exchanged PM’s from time to time any fellow hunter and BTO family member is in my book part of my family. I can’t imagine what the family is going though with their loss, but God has a plan and its a hard part of the plan to accept, but knowing that God is watching and knows what he’s doing in our lives has always comforted me when I’ve lost family members. Thoughts and prayers from the Warner House are being sent daily.


  34. HAL SPENCER says:

    It has taken me a week to figure out what I would say after one year …. I can say this , I can remember where I was and what I was doing the night I Got the call from Lance and Uriah telling me that there had been a terrible accident and Raf had died … It literally stopped me in my tracks and threw me for a loop , A few friends of mine were helping me fix my sub so we could go hunting the next weekend , and i had to sit down and regain my thoughts on what i was trying to do ….

    Raf ,the RAF I knew , The outgoing, on the phone, always wound up over what guys were saying on the site , yea a guy that was always out there to help someone else . This is how I remember him and wanted to meet him some day, but now i will have to wait for a while to do that ….

    Not knowing the family at all but hearing from Andrea on face book and following it on there . Here is a women that i fell is much stronger than I . I don’t know if I could have done as good as she has done with the hand that was delt to her . Another person I would like to meet some day, and am hopefully going to be able to do it ….

    I know many of you new guys that are on the site will not know who I am talking about, But you can learn a lot about the man, by just reading the tributes on this page ..

    Every year, this time of year, this will be a thought in my head to remember RAF!!!!!!!!

    Hal Spencer

    • Jon says:

      Indeed Hal

    • Andrea Serrano says:

      I was just looking through some of the old memories of rafy with the kids and stumbled across your post in January. I never knew that you had said some more of your kind words. I cannot thank you enough and everyone in the community who has helped me and the kids. You have no idea how much that actually means to us. As for being as strong as you say I am I am not sure you should give me as much credit as you do I truly do live an up and down life Somedays are good some are just horrible as if it was day one. I do pull from this group of the people around me yourself included. he made some true friends here. A group of wonderful people who lived far apart but shared a common passion. I thank you once again for everything you truly are someone to look up to

      Andrea and kids

  35. Jerry Lively says:

    These kinda thing’s are alway’s hard as to what do you say.I can’t even say I know how you feel cause I don’t I have no idea.All I can say is I was shocked like everyone on BTo.I’am sure I said condolance Prayer’s you Lady and your Children.And other loved ones.I’am sorry for your loss….Jerry

  36. He will be missed. I’m sorry to hear about such a terrible accident. I hope this won’t happen again.

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