Getting permission to coyote hunt – How to Coyote Hunt

permission to coyote hunt

You may find that it is often easier to get permission to coyote hunt. The same landowners that turn you away for big game hunting may not have a problem with you coyote hunting. Many ranchers and landowners have been hit in the wallet by coyotes. The loss of calves, lambs and other livestock are something the modern landowner simply cant afford. Some landowners have even lost family pets. They get a bad taste in their mouth for coyotes and are happy to see us show up on their property. Always let the landowner know when you have coyote hunting success. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Equipment – How to Coyote Hunt

Nikon Coyote Special

Getting involved in coyote hunting shouldn’t stress you out. I know that most people getting into the sport of coyote hunting think it is going to cost them a lot of money. The truth is most hunters probably already own the bulk of the equipment needed. This post will give you an idea of the basic equipment you will need to hunt coyotes.


Coyotes can be taken at close distances with a shotgun. I would recommend a 12 gauge if you have one. We use semi-automatic shotguns from Benelli for fast follow up shots. [Read more...]

Coyote – Predator Calls – How To Coyote Hunt

Electronic Coyote Call1

There are many coyote calls on the market from diaphragms,mouth calls, and electronic calls. Diaphragm and mouth calls are the most inexpensive calls. Electronic calls vary in price but easily become very expensive. My favorite is the mouth call. It gives me a lot more satisfaction to know I had something to do with the coyote coming in to the call.

Diaphragm calls require a lot of practice. They typically fit in the roof of your mouth and sound is made while forcing air across the latex and the top of your tongue. Many Elk and Turkey hunters are familiar with diaphragm calls and how to use them. [Read more...]

Coyote Calling Techniques – How To Coyote Hunt

Calling Coyotes

Calling Coyotes is an art and many coyote hunters have developed their own style. Many different styles work well. The fun thing about calling coyotes is developing your own style and methods. I believe that there are many ways to call in a coyote and the sound you make isn’t as important as how you use your sound.

I like to start off with a soft sound so I don’t scare off a coyote that could potentially be bedded at a very close distance. Since we use an e-caller at low volume this has become our first calling sequence. We will typically let the e-call do it work for several minutes before we chime in with a mouth call. We have witnessed coyotes sitting off at long distances that haven’t responded to the e-call at maximum volume. Once we blast a mouth call the coyotes have responded. This let us know the coyote couldn’t hear the e-call. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting Decoys – How to Coyote Hunt

Mojo Critter

Coyote hunting decoys are a huge advantage to coyote hunters. We use decoys like the MOJO Critter to distract the coyote that is coming to the call. Coyotes have superior senses. They rely heavily on their sense of smell. The coyote will use all of it’s senses until they gain confidence that they are coming in for something to eat and not to be shot at. Once the coyote has spotted the decoy you have given the coyote some confidence and dropped their doubt. We use an e-caller at low volume to gain even more of the coyote’s confidence. Now we have captured their sense of site and hearing. [Read more...]

How To Blend In When Coyote Hunting With Good Camouflage – How to Coyote Hunt

coyote hunting camouflage

Some people think that camouflage is a fashion statement. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you are sitting on a hillside of yellow prairie grass or snow while wearing dark green camouflage you will stick out like a sore thumb. If you are sitting in the dark timber and wearing dessert camouflage you will be the center of attention to any coyote. Coyotes make a living using their superb senses. A coyote’s sense of site isn’t lacking in any way.

It is very important to where camouflage that blend into your surroundings. It is also important to cover your hands and face with camouflage as well. [Read more...]

How to Call Coyotes in 20 MPH Plus Winds

BTO 26Uriah and I went out Saturday to try and get a coyote hunt on film. Once we arrived at the location we discovered that the wind was out of control. The wind was blowing at over 20 miles an hour. We usually don’t hunt coyotes in this kind of wind. We then decided that we had traveled too far to just give up. [Read more...]