How to Call Coyotes in 20 MPH Plus Winds

BTO 26Uriah and I went out Saturday to try and get a coyote hunt on film. Once we arrived at the location we discovered that the wind was out of control. The wind was blowing at over 20 miles an hour. We usually don’t hunt coyotes in this kind of wind. We then decided that we had traveled too far to just give up.

What do you do when the wind is blowing really hard? Well our first thoughts were that our sound wasn’t going to travel very far. We thought we needed to call in to cover or bedding areas. Well this can be difficult to find out in the prairie.

The funny thing is our first stand was over a big open draw. We though we would give it a shot. Low and behold there was a small crease upwind, and two coyotes popped out almost instantly. The crease was a very small terrain feature that I dismissed for holding coyotes. We were a little shaken up by the immediate results from the coyotes and you will see the result on the video.

After this stand we looked for some creases or tight draws to call in. There wasn’t much of it on this ranch. We spotted a nice little draw upwind of our location and gave it a shot hoping it would hold at least one coyote. We started at the lower end of the draw and called for about 15 minutes. This coyote stand produced no results. We took a look over a slight rise and decided to move up about 200 additional yards, since we were skeptical that our sound was getting anywhere.

We were taking turns calling and it was Uriah’s turn on the call. Uriah blasted one series on his open reed call and the results were immediate. A large male coyote popped out of a small finger in the draw. Once the coyote took a visual on the MOJO Critter he through caution to the wind. He ran straight to the MOJO Critter decoy.

This is where Uriah deserves credit. These shots are difficult to make. This coyote was sprinting to the call. These shots are almost impossible to get with a scope, and this is why we use shotguns. You will see Uriah move his rifle to the side and ready his shotgun.

The video footage is awesome. Watch the coyote get dumped and slide into the MOJO Critter. Then as he notices the e-caller still screaming the coyote picks it up in his mouth and shakes the life out of it, before Uriah closes the deal. It was a little scary thinking that we were about to lose an expensive e-call to the coyote or 12 gauge. The e-call did survive and we were able to capture another memorable coyote hunt on video.

This video will show you that it’s worth Bucking The Odds!

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  1. Douglas Christiansen says:

    The video won’t play. It has a play sign with a line through it. Have I done something wrong?

  2. jared mcclain says:

    gotta love it when you have to tape a stick to your critter stem to keep it off the ground!! good job fellas.

    Had a javalina try to eat my e-call the other day. At first I tryed to video it. Then I thought oh no you don’t eat my one and only e-call. had to physicaly run him off of it. It was covered in pig spit, but no damage! yuck

  3. Jasper Miller says:

    Getting into coyote hunting here in western va, any tips would be appreciated.’
    Do I start out using rabbit in distress ,do I call softly first virsus loud help me?

  4. kenny rand says:

    hi we live in king georg va just started huntin coyote using the torbo dog e caller can not get them to come in where huntin some field and big timber usein the rabbit in distress weve seen coyotes on the trail cam try usein differnt calls to get them to answer us with no luck weve spent probaly 30 hours tryin everthing we see on tv or read but we must be doin somthing wrong what

  5. Robert Scheick says:

    Just trying to learn how to hunt coyotes. Never used to have them in the lower part of the lower pennsula of Michigan, but in the last twenty years they have infiltrated the area. Have seen many coyotes during deer seasons and had one come into a turkey call during spring turkey season, he got a face full of lead at a long distance for a shotgun and ran off. I am packing to go north to property I own in the upper part of the lower pennsula to hunt and fish this weekend. I have some reed calls that I am inexperienced with. Plan on buying a Mojo if I can. If I am successful in just seeing one come near me I will feel a sense of accomplishment.

  6. Luke says:

    How far will the sound travel when there isnt that much wind? Im trying to scout for this season and found some good spots but they are real close to each other. Should i space out my stands or would it be worth it to call at each one?

    • Lance Benson says:

      This can vary on terrain and cover like trees. The trees and hills can absorb your sound. If you are in wide open country with few hills you could spread your stand locations out farther. We typically could move a minimum of 1/4 to 1/2 a mile in open country. You might not move as far in the thicker hilly type terrain. It is a judgement call most of the time. Hope this helps.

  7. kallinfool says:

    Great vid fellaz!!! It is discouraging when the wind is howlin like that, but if and when there are stands which have ditches or arroyos in it, it can be awesome action!!! The wind primarily blows from the West here in NM so I am always scoutin for East facing stands with all the right elements. The thing to remember is when its blowin like that, most callers stay in and away from the weather. With the amount of caller here in my area, I’ll definitely hit the stands knowing it’ll be just me and the stinkers!!! Happy Kallin frenz!!!

  8. That really is an amazing footage. It sure ain’t the same feeling when the weather stands in your way. Congrats on the catch and on the memory!

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