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Nikon Coyote Special

Getting involved in coyote hunting shouldn’t stress you out. I know that most people getting into the sport of coyote hunting think it is going to cost them a lot of money. The truth is most hunters probably already own the bulk of the equipment needed. This post will give you an idea of the basic equipment you will need to hunt coyotes.


Coyotes can be taken at close distances with a shotgun. I would recommend a 12 gauge if you have one. We use semi-automatic shotguns from Benelli for fast follow up shots.

The Super Black Eagle II and the Vinci is the two shotguns we take to the field. You may have a shotgun already and this will help you get in the field.

Super Black Eagle II

Super Black Eagle II


Coyotes can also be taken with various calibers of rifles. The most common would probably be the 223, 22-250, 25-06, and 243, but trust me the list goes on. You may already have a deer hunting rifle that will fit the bill.

Benelli MR1 300x139

Benelli MR1


Common Shotgun loads are 00 Buck, #4 Buck, and T-Shot. Steel Shot isn’t recommended for coyotes so we use Dead Coyote loads by Hevi-Shot. Rifle loads can be a complex subject due to your caliber of rifle, barrel twist and other factors. Ideally you want something that is going to make a small entrance wound and open fast so the coyote is taken out quickly.

Hevi Shot Predator Loads

Hevi-Shot Predator Loads


If you already own camouflage then use it until you can afford something different or more suitable for the area you are hunting. The major thing to consider is using a complementary pattern. If you are hunting an area like a dessert you will want to have lighter tones. If you are hunting timber you will want darker tones to help you blend in better. This article will explain camouflage in more detail. ARTICLE

blending in with good camouflage coyote hunting

Blending in


A good scope with clear optics is a huge plus in the world of coyote hunting. You will find that a lot of coyotes will hang up at a distance. It is very common to have to take shots out to 300 yards or farther depending on your shooting ability and caliber of rifle you are shooting. If you are hunting in open terrain binoculars are another plus. It is a definite advantage to spot a coyote coming in at a distance so you have the ability to adjust for the shot. Binoculars are not necessary to get in the sport of coyote hunting, but it will be an advantage to get a pair when you can afford them.

We use Nikon Optics. The Coyote Special rifle scope has some definite advantages. They have a filter on the end of the scope that keeps your lens from reflecting and spooking the coyote. They also have a reticule system that allows you to acquire your target faster. We also use the Nikon Monarch binoculars. They have a very clear image that helps when you are trying to locate a coyote in busy terrain.

Nikon Optics

Nikon Optics

Coyote Calls

The most affordable call on the market is a mouth call. You can pick them up at most sporting good stores. Closed reed coyote calls are the easiest to learn and sound great. As your calling skills progress you will definitely want to use an open reed call. The open reed coyote calls have an ability to produce a wider variety of sounds and are still very affordable. Once your wallet gets a little heavier you can step into an electronic call that has a huge variety of sounds at your fingertips. This article will explain COYOTE CALLS in more detail. ARTICLE

Open Reed Coyote Call

Open Reed Coyote Call

Coyote Decoys

Decoys aren’t necessary to get started with but you will find that they can be a great tool to improve your coyote hunts. Decoys are a great way to capture a coyotes attention when it is responding to a call. This is also a good way to take the coyote’s attention off of you. We use the Mojo Woodpecker, Mojo Woodpecker, and the Mojo Puppy. This article will explain DECOYS in more detail. ARTICLE

tn  HW5121 Mojo Critter

Mojo Critter Predator Hunting Decoy


Although a camera isn’t necessary to coyote hunt with, it is a lot of fun to record your memories. It is also a lot of fun to share the hunt with fellow hunters on our coyote hunting forum. I highly recommend taking a camera with you in the field.

As you get into coyote hunting and your passion for the sport grows like it has with the rest of us coyote hunters your coyote hunting equipment inventory will no doubt change and grow. This list is just the basic items you will need to give coyote hunting a try.

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  1. Austin says:

    i use a 30-06 and it works great! its a remington woodsmaster witch is semi auto. i usally empty the whole mag on one yote.

    • jeff lahr says:

      Don’t mean to be smart, but you might want to start to empty a few clips on a few targets first, or bigger coyotes lol!!!

    • Vernon Lange says:

      I would like to get some $ for the pelt. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use a 30-06 to hunt a coyote unless the coyote weighs 300 lbs., or you like a black and blue shoulder, or you want the coyotes from miles away to know you are out hunting. Yes you can kill a coyote with big gun, but I would like to have something to sell to the fur buyer.

  2. Justin says:

    Oh well I wouldn’t know I haven’t ever hunted coyote I’m looking into it I have a 30-06 Winchester ranger bolt anyways good hunting

  3. Rich K says:

    Could anyone give me there suggestion on what kind of choke to buy for my Remington 870 12 guage. I’ve never used a shotgun before yote hunting but I would love to give it a try with some 00 buckshot. Thanks and I love this web sight.

    • Vern says:

      I don’t think the choke matters a whole lot with 00 buckshot. I tested my Remington 1100 12ga with a full choke at 30 and 50 yards, and all 9 pellets were in a 30″ circle athough there were some big gaps in the pattern with only nine pellets. #4 buck shot has 27 pellets which may not be effective at long range. Something in between the two may be ideal but I haven’t found any in stores. I’d use a 28″-30″ barrel with Mod. or Full choke for shots to 75 yards. It may take several shots to get a pellet in a vital spot at longer range.

      • Rich K says:

        Thanks Vern. One more question? On them shots out to 75 yards are you using 9 pellets then or are you using 27 pellets because I have the shotgun with the 30 inch barrel, or does it just depend on each individual gun. Thanks for your time.

        • Vern says:

          Rick, the larger pellets with 00 will have more have more power down range but the pellets may be too few to hit a vital part of the coyotes body. The #4 has plenty of pellets but may not penetrate enough at longer distances. Last week I ordered and received some Remington express # 1 buck with 16 pellets from Cabelas. I’m hoping this is a good compromise that will work good at longer ranges. This weekend I will pattern that load with my modified and full choke barrels at 60 and 70 yards to see how they do. I’ll place some 1/2″ & 3/4″ plywood behind the cardboard target to check the penetration. You should pattern every type of ammo you plan to use in your gun to verify the pattern and to make sure you are hitting were you are aiming. If I can get several pellets in a coyote and they penetrate 3/4″ plywood, I’m good. If they go thru 1/2″ I’m probably ok, but If they don’t make it thru 1/2″, I’m too far away.

    • KB says:

      Buy a coyote choke and use #4 buck shot (3″ will have 41 pellets and 3 1/2″ will have 54 pellets). I live in NH and most of my shots are within 70 yards. I’ve shot many doubles and tripples using this combination just pattern your gun first to see what your effective range is. If you hunt with a buddy 1 rifle and 1 shotgun is best. You will be glad you have a shotgun though when multiples come in…try and shoot the dominant female first (usually the farthest one) and it may buy you some extra time to shoot the others. Good luck, be safe and have fun.

  4. Sean says:

    Hey guys here’s my question I just got into coyote hunting and I’m using a electronic call at night I was using a rodent in destress call and call one in and my kid missed it that was a few weeks ago now I have been having much luck getting them in or repo ding back until I use the howl but that’s all they will do is howl back when this happens should we make a move when they r off in the distance or sit and wait but we have waited for a while and they won’t come in sometime shut up I do t know what to do can someone help me out I’m new to the sport thanks

  5. Sean says:

    Sorry that was suppose to say not having much luck responding back

    • Vern says:

      Sean, I’m new to calling coyotes also but learn more every time I go out. If you are calling the same coyotes, they get smart real fast and may not come into the same call or location if they have been fooled before. It seems if a coyote knows you are in the area he may still respond to your call by howling but will never come into range and if you continue to call they will not respond at all. I only use howls for locating coyotes but did have a pair come in the first time I used a locate call one night out behind my house. They came to my back yard 50 yds away and were growling and barking like a couple mean dogs. It was kind of scarey since I did not have a gun or a light with me. I will wait until next year to do it again and I’ll be ready. I think they though I was the other pair of coyotes that live about 1/2 mile away coming into their territory. It was pretty cool.

  6. Trev says:

    can you hunt with a 17 hmr

    • Sweet17 says:

      Yes. I have taken seven coyotes with my Savage 97R, and Marlin 917V rifles in .17HMR using the Hornady 20 gr. Hollowpoint bullets. All of them have been one-shot kills, but you have to keep your shots at 100 yds. or under, and shoot for center mass, of the chest cavity. My closest shot was 45 yds. and the longest one was 134 yds. All of the coyotes, when hit, took off like a bat out of hell and ran anywhere from 25 to 50 yds. but then piled up in a ball of fur, dead. There are still times when I will take my Remington 700 .223 out instead of the .17, especially on very windy days or to places where I know the odds of getting a shot at a coyote at 300+ yds. is great. But the vast majority of my coyote outings find me carrying one of my 17′s. Also, if you live in cougar and bear country, like I do, it’s a good idea to pack a heavy caliber sidearm, just in case. I love the .17 HMR but I’m not sure how much of a big cat, and bear killer it would be!

      • Patrick Delaney says:

        Hey Trev / Sweet17,

        I’m just about to start coyote hunting up here in Alberta, Canada. I don’t normally respond to anything online, but I just had to here.

        You can hunt anything you want with any caliber…what you need is to have an understanding of the damage the different calibers have; a clear conscience and some compassion. I realize the .17hmr will kill them, but how long do you think it suffers for? At 100 yards + I shoot gophers with the .17hmr (inside that a .22). I’m no bleeding-heart, but to talk of taking a 134 yard shot “center mass” with the .17hmr at a coyote imho is irresponsible. As I said, I’m just about to start, but I won’t use anything less than my .223.

        I believe as hunters (varmint, predator or other) we should strive for a one-shot kill. If you don’t get it, a quick follow-up should finish it off.

        Respect to everyone and I look forward to more videos as I believe this is the best and most responsible site on the internet.

  7. Bud Y says:

    Went coyote hunting today, first time. Shot one. Questions. After one is shot do others leave the area or should we stick around and call some more from the same spot? We are in WV. When are best times to hunt, AM? PM? Do they get call shy? How long before going back to the same area to hunt again? How long to call? How long to wait before calling again?
    We appreciate any assistance.
    Thank You.

    • Sweet17 says:

      I usually wait two to three months before calling the same spot again, but I always use a different sound on my electronic caller when I do. I have killed coyotes in the same big mountain meadow before, about a year between incidents, but I also called in that same meadow several times before that happened after I killed the first coyote there.

  8. Yote5 says:

    Hey does anybody use a 17hmr,do you think it will have enough knock down power?

  9. Yote5 says:

    Well about the 17hmr, some of us sell the fur and if youre shooting it with a 30-06 or 7mm, youre going to have to wash a lot of blood out.

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