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Calling Coyotes

Calling Coyotes is an art and many coyote hunters have developed their own style. Many different styles work well. The fun thing about calling coyotes is developing your own style and methods. I believe that there are many ways to call in a coyote and the sound you make isn’t as important as how you use your sound.

I like to start off with a soft sound so I don’t scare off a coyote that could potentially be bedded at a very close distance. Since we use an e-caller at low volume this has become our first calling sequence. We will typically let the e-call do it work for several minutes before we chime in with a mouth call. We have witnessed coyotes sitting off at long distances that haven’t responded to the e-call at maximum volume. Once we blast a mouth call the coyotes have responded. This let us know the coyote couldn’t hear the e-call.

We usually increase the volume of our mouth call every sequence. Out West we sometimes have the advantage of seeing a coyote coming in from a distance. We usually stop using the mouth call once the coyote has been spotted and is coming to the call. If the coyote hangs up we typically use a close range low volume mouth call or squeaker to get the coyote moving again.

We typically don’t want the coyote looking at us when they get at close range and that is why we use the e-call at low volume with a decoy so we have the opportunity to make slight adjustments or swing our gun in the coyote’s direction. When all goes well the coyote is focused on the sound of the low volume e-call and the decoy.

Calling Coyotes

Calling Coyotes With a Mouth Call

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  1. Aaron says:

    I have a question . I just bought a fox pro caller due to the huge population of coyotes while deer hunting. I am a beginner at calling. These coyotes have ruined my deer hunting. I haven’t had any luck calling coyotes. Need serious help. We own a sheep and goat farm. Need help learning so I can get back my property. Noone around coyote hunts so we can’t get rid of them so I am taking it into my own hands. Please help.

    • Ratz says:

      Depending on your location I am pretty sure that I could eradicate your coyote problem, using different techniques and hunting them using decoy dogs. Just drop me a line I have hunted coyotes very successfully for over ten years.

    • Rey says:

      It is important to always call with your call n face into the wind. Early morning at first light, early evening with sun set at your back and again call with the wind in your face. I don’t what part of the country you’re located but Jan – March are good months to call because is when coyotes n many other varmints shake the sugar tree. Night calling during these months can be very productive as well. Again, it is important to call into the wind and the moon light at your back n use a red lens filter on your Q-beam spot light as predators do not see in the same light spectrum as we do. They see in shades of black, white n grays. A baby cottontail, baby jack rabbit or fox in distress make good calls. If u take any company with you have one shine the light when you make your stand n no slamming of pick-up doors, no smoking. Scout your hunting area during the day, check for sign such as scat n tracks. Game trails n watering areas are good calling spots. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me a, attention Rey. This is my passion n I am happy to be of help. Good luck !!:-)

    • William Rice says:

      Where are you located roughly, and what is the terrain like?

    • Keith says:

      Hi Aaron,
      I too have just recently started coyote hunting for the same reason. They’re chasing our deer and making it next to impossible to hunt. I’m using the same call as yourself and I start off with a low Cottonball cry and switch to a field mouse call. Seems to work good for me. Hope that helps.

    • Brad says:

      What state are you located in? My buddies and I would love to come clear your land of some coyotes

  2. darrel wells says:

    If the coyotes r that thick it shouldn’t be that difficult.. Set down , call into the wind, and set real still. It sounds like they aren’t hunted much, so watch downwind as well n have a shotgun ready. Don’t call too loud at first.

  3. i have not been coyote hunting yet but me and a few buddies plan to this weekend i am not sure how to call a coyote without using an actual call but by just using my voice. Do you have any tips for me.

  4. Tommy free says:

    I bought a fox pro caller due to the huge population of coyotes but I have yet to have any luck do you have any suggestions to make me a better daytime coyote hunter.

  5. Nellie says:

    Hey Aaron,
    I started hunting yotes about 2 years ago for the same reason and had the same problem. It’s a blast. I have found the kitten distress and the lightning jack work the best at this time of year. I got a fox pro firestorm and do most hunting at night or early morning.

  6. Yanick cayouette says:

    How long do you call and how long do you wait after each call to call in a coyote ?

  7. Jake Frazier says:

    Hey yall im not new to hunting or even coyote by any means but I just need a good early morning call sequence for my new fox pro with the 3.2 version if you’ve got any good calling sequences or techniques you can email or text me that’d be great!!!


    Thank you and God bless and happy huntin!!!!!

  8. anthony mack says:

    hey everyone just got one of the HS long range E-callers and im hunting some of the public game lands up here in northern pennsylvania tonight and was wondering what good tips for a large hay field with thick cover on the side would be good or bad these dogs are smart i have great camo and have had these dogs standing in the corners of the fields 3-400 yards away but at night thats a far shot for my 243 any tips on drawing them out of the thick timber?????

    • JJ says:

      I think I would try to position myself closer to where they were hanging up. Obviously a stealthy approach is essential but if you could get close enough (150 yrds) and do the same thing you have before you will have some fur in the dirt!
      I would also try to set up where the coyotes could have the comfort of cover yet be seen on the approach. Maybe set up on a tree line with the call set out between you and their expected approach and out 40-50 yards from the tree line. This way hopefully the will travel the tree line to get a closer look. Mind the wind if trying this though because a wind from the call to the tree line will end the hunt quick!
      Good luck!

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