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Good Coyote Hunting Camo

Coyote hunting requires adequate camouflage. Coyotes have super vision and are very familiar with their surroundings. This is why you want to blend into the coyotes surroundings. Blending in requires almost vanishing into the terrain. It is common for hunters to believe that any camouflage will trick a coyote, after all they aren’t that smart right.

Coyotes have incredible instincts and superior senses.  It is not good enough to just wear camouflage. You must wear camouflage that blends well with the coyote’s surroundings.

If you are coyote hunting in the praire where there are lots of light colors like the yellow praire grass and the olive colored sagebrush you wouldn’t want to where dark colors like you would normally where in the timber.

Make sure your coyote hunting camouflage compliments your surroundings.

blending in with good camouflage coyote hunting

Blending in

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Lance Benson, Pro Staff

Bucking The Odds

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  1. Matthew Allen says:

    What about ghillie suits. Would they work.

  2. Weldon Payne says:

    Yeah they would work well. I was thinking about getting one myself but to expensive so I got some camo from Cabelas.

    • Casey Rees says: has a great gillie style suit. It’s not as hot as the ones made from gillie suit material. And best part is u slip it on ur reagular clothes u put one before u left the house. I think I paid $60 or $65 for mine. They call it a kill suit or something like that check it out it really blends everywhere. I use mine in the mountains deer hunting to vineyards and orchards yote hunting and everything in between. That’s the woodland style kill suit. They offer a desert style color kill suit too but I can’t recommend that one cause I never used it or bought the desert style.

  3. Tyler Bastin says:

    I like sitting up in a brush pile or making me a spot with tree limbs.

    • admin says:

      That works great when you have it to use. Some times we can’t find a 6″ sagebrush in the Easter Plains of Colorado.

    • Kevin Duncan says:

      I like sittin in a ditch in a cut cornfield, or on top of a point hill, i got me the perfect spot on top of this hill that you can see all around you, down either side into the bottoms, it’s great, but open, i normally put alot of cornstalks and pile em up there. the hill is planted in beans right now though.

  4. cody coyote! says:

    i live in newfoundland and there is no praire, or yellow praire grass just alot of bog and trees.

  5. cody coyote! says:

    haha yup bring’s thing right out! sometimes! othere times there just too smart and bug out. its all fun though!! :D

    • wildyote says:

      That’s the right attitude! Coyote hunting is fun, that’s why we do it!

    • Casey Rees says:

      Yes it’s a blast but it’s even better wen u get to put down then really really smart ones that’s lived to old age cause u know he out smarted even the best hunters out there to reach that old age, that is till he came to ur distress call
      Lol hahaha

  6. Brock Walseth says:

    Just ordered your backwards hat Lance….after watching 23 straight videos going “man I want that hat” …drove me to grabbing my check card! ;-)

    • SCOTTY D says:

      Hey, Brock–where’d u find that hat??? I didn’t see it in the BTO gear section, I’ve been wanting one for awhile now. : ) Thanx

  7. Brock Walseth says:
  8. curt albers says:

    I bought a bushrag ghillie, the cameleon. Love it. I hunt alot of tree lines and timber blocks and can blend in anywhere. I definatly recommend it coupled with the BTO hat. A recipe for coyotes in your lap!!!

  9. Logan Van Brunt says:

    Anybody getting rid of camo could use some but they need to be small (size 12-14)

  10. Robert Murphy says:

    I noticed in one picture your 4 wheeler. What kind is it and the size?? Do you use it to get to outback places?
    Thanks Robert

  11. Robert Murphy says:

    Lance Benson, I am Robert Murphy and owner of When you have a contest and need some products as gifts, then look at my site and I will be more then happy to donate some items to you. This is not hunting items but the are outdoor items. Keep up the great videos. Have some more hunts with the boy with you. Robert

  12. Robert Murphy says:

    Woops, Sorry to all. I was not trying to advertise my site. Was just wonting to donate if there was any kind of fund raiser for the shooting sports for our kids. Like a silent auction or door prises. Thanks Robert

  13. Bob Anderson says:

    I am a relative newcomer to coyote hunting. I shot gunned my first North Carolina coyote last year. Called it in to about 30 yards. WHAT A RUSH! Now that deer season is over, I’ll be out calling again. Night hunting is allowed here so I invested in a Wicked Light unit and look forward to trying it out.

  14. Tobin J says:

    I’ve got a 140 acre horse farm and having a problem with yotes coming right up the barn. I’ve considered sitting in the loft and waiting for them to come in. They usually stroll up around 9-10 at night. Any thoughts?

    • Tobin J says:

      60 acres pasture 80 acres of woods

    • Casey Rees says:

      I’d love to be able to go up in a barn and watch yotes come to there death cause I’d be up there with my m4 or any similar auto rifle I can get my hands on and have a few back up mags and have a friend with and man aspot light to light them up as they haul tail away after u start dumping on them working from the farthest away to closest so wen u down the one that’s farther away u ready for the next one behind the one u just shot can run right into to ur sights and this way they have less chance to get past ur weapons ask range in your ability

  15. Chris says:

    I live in the panhandle of Texas and the ghille suit works great! -makes you look like a tumble weed or grass stalks. I shoot a .223 loaded with Hornady Vmax 55 gr. It also is equipped with a Kicknitoutdoors green LED kill light true 300yd range). My call is an ICOtec 500 with handcalls of squeeker and rabbit distress. There are not many nights I go out and not see the green glow of eyes in the distance…and not many nights I do not put fur on the ground.

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