Calling Coyotes With Coyote Vocals

BTO 30Calling coyotes with coyote vocalizations is one of the funnest ways to bring in a coyote if you love the art of calling. In this coyote hunting video Uriah Wurst of Bucking The Odds Outdoors uses coyote vocals to get the attention of two call smart coyotes. These coyotes responded to Uriah’s calls from a distance. After quite some time we noticed the coyote’s howls getting closer.

These coyotes were either a little call smart or having doubts about trespassing into another coyote’s territory. Uriah started using distress calls since the coyotes would not close the gap. After about 25 minutes went by Uriah went to a kneeling position to take a last look around with his binoculars. This was his last attempt to make sure there wasn’t a coyote coming in from a distance.

This is when we spotted two coyotes coming in from a distance over a small hill. We thought this was going to be easy until one coyote faded out of the picture and the other stopped and hung up. Uriah Wurst calls the coyote in and Lance Benson catches it on film. Watch this video for an entertaining look at a Bucking The Odds’ coyote hunt.

Calling Coyotes With Coyote Vocals Video

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  1. admin says:

    I agree! I can usually tell when the critics criticize the shot, that they are usually range shooters. I can smack targets all day, but I have missed with the best of them on coyotes.

    Thanks for the positive comments!

    • Clinton Helm says:

      Amen!! I do a lot of bench shooting, and a lot of hunting. just because you can shoot consistently tight groups at the range does not mean you will never miss in the field. two totally different scenarios.

  2. Charlie says:

    I just love these type of videos! I would concider this a great hunt.

  3. browning says:

    what gun would you recomend for coyote hunting?

    • Clinton Helm says:

      22-250, 220 swift, ruger 204. those are my three favorite. I also use a 221 fireball if I’m in a spot where i will be shooting 150yds or less.

  4. birddog2506 says:

    very good video as always keep up the great work

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