Coyote Hunting With Your Family – Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote Hunting With Your KidsCoyote hunting is a sport the whole family can enjoy. When taking the younger generation out to call in some coyotes make sure they are dressed properly so they can better handle the adverse conditions. You also want to pack plenty of snacks and water. The kids aren’t as likely to enjoy suffering like their crazy parents are. We can be a lot more focused on the hunt than the children. Also make sure they are wearing good camouflage to blend into the terrain, kids can get restless so the better they blend in the more likely it will hide their movement. [Read more...]

Stay Hooked – Coyote Hunting Tips

Calling CoyotesLance and I do our best to bring you our coyote hunting experiences through our videos, and often times try to paint the real picture of how the actual coyote  hunt went by mentioning that we hunted all day and only called in one, or that we hunted a couple of days with nothing before a coyote came in.

We believe that the reason most hunters shy away from predator hunting is because they see predator hunting videos and TV shows that portray an un-realistic expectation. Most videos or TV shows don’t show the hunter sitting at a stand for 20 minutes on ten or fifteen stands  a day without a single coyote coming in. Let’s face it, that would be a pretty boring show. [Read more...]

Face Camo – Coyote Hunting Tips

Dessert Shadow FrontFace Camouflage is a huge advantage when you are trying to blend in when coyote hunting. Coyotes have great vision and are masters at picking out anomalies. Your uncovered shiny face or naked hands are the anomaly a coyote will likely pick out when it is approaching your stand location.

We started off using face paint. It wasn’t long and we became tired of smearing face paint on our skin. The face paint would wear off when it was hot out or could be a pain to apply when it was cold out. [Read more...]

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Using a Mojo Critter Decoy – Coyote Hunting Tips

Mojo Critter

Using a Mojo Critter can seem like common sense, but I will let you in on a few Bucking The Odds tricks. Using a decoy in the East is different than using them in the West or open ground. In the East hunters are often in wooded areas and often try to pull coyotes or other predators out in the open. The challenge of tight cover is the coyote often circles downwind of the hunter using cover and the hunter never sees the predator. Eastern Hunters may put a decoy like the Mojo Critter far out in an opening to get the coyote to expose itself. [Read more...]

The Challenge of Coyote Hunting – Coyote Hunting Tips

Calling Predators

It is often misleading to watch coyote hunting videos like the Bucking The Odds Videos. A lot of newcomers to the sport of coyote hunting or predator hunting in general can easily become discouraged. After watching the hunting videos people believe that we or other DVD, or television host kill a coyote almost every stand.

The reality is we work hard to get predators on video. It is common for us to work all day to get a coyote on film. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting with Google Earth – Coyote Hunting Tips

Google Earth

Scouting for coyotes can burn up a lot of time and fuel for the coyote hunter. The cost of fuel is making it hard for the outdoorsman to do what he loves. Using Google Earth can be a huge advantage to the hunter. You can easily see how the terrain lays and spot hidden features you may not notice from a vehicle. Looking at the property the night before can also give you and idea of how to use the wind to your advantage. Google Earth has enabled me to do a lot of no cost research that helps me put together some strategy before approaching an unknown property. It has even helped me identify terrain features that I never noticed before. [Read more...]

Camouflage for Coyote Hunting – Coyote Hunting Tips

Good Coyote Hunting Camo

Coyote hunting requires adequate camouflage. Coyotes have super vision and are very familiar with their surroundings. This is why you want to blend into the coyotes surroundings. Blending in requires almost vanishing into the terrain. It is common for hunters to believe that any camouflage will trick a coyote, after all they aren’t that smart right.

Coyotes have incredible instincts and superior senses.  It is not good enough to just wear camouflage. You must wear camouflage that blends well with the coyote’s surroundings. [Read more...]

Educated Coyotes – Coyote Hunting Tips

Educated Coyotes

When you make a mistake and get busted by a coyote or miss a shot you have educated the coyote. Some people believe you can never call that coyote in again. I believe that with time you can have success. Once the coyote has time to put the bad experiance behind them it will slowly leave their memory, but not their instincts.

The best thing to do is change your stand location and your sound. If you typically use a rabbit in distress sound you may want to switch to a bird in distress, or something that sounds different. [Read more...]

Spotting a coyote from your vehicle – Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote From Truck

Spotting a coyote from your vehicle even at a close distance can produce a successful coyote hunt. I have noticed that a coyote will often watch you drive by or not even pay attention to you. The trick is to keep at a constant speed and get out of the coyotes view. If you let off the throttle or open a door on your vehicle they are gone.

Once you disappear out of sight you have the opportunity to walk in and make a stand. I believe coyotes are used to seeing vehicles go by. They also have probably been shot at, so it is important to keep a constant speed and get out of their sight. [Read more...]

Coyote Hunting the Lollygager

BTO 22The lollygager coyote is a coyote that comes to the call really slow. It will often get distracted. It is like it has A.D.D. Sometimes I wonder if this is their personality or if they just aren’t that hungry. Maybe the coyote has a full stomach but just can’t resist the fact that it could get another free meal. Watch this coyote as it  comes in really slow to the call. I actually had to speed up the film to keep it interesting… [Read more...]