Coyote Problems in Colorado

Colorado is like many other states! Due to the fact the environmentalist have all but eliminated trapping, coyotes have no natural predators. Hunters are lucky to put a small dent in the coyote populations, so now the coyotes are attacking city dwellers and probably eating the pets of the same environmentalist that try to say coyotes aren’t a threat. From the outside looking in, coyote must look like cute Little dog to an environmentalist…

What people don’t understand is the coyote is an opportunist that kills for a living. When coyote populations get out of hand you will see deer, elk, antelope, waterfowl, turkey, sheep, goats, cattle, and many other populations struggle. Coyotes prey on the week. They mostly prefer killing defenseless babies in their bedding areas.

Check out these articles below. You never used to hear about these things before the environmentalist stepped in…

Toronto singer killed by coyotes

Broomfield woman reports coyote attack

Denver suburb focused on solving the coyote problem

City Council will take up fate of coyotes

Well we could go on for a long time, but the above should give you a good idea…

Lance Benson, Bucking The Odds

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  1. Ryan Milazzo says:

    alot of the problem the people in colorado have in these articles is that they dont understand that this comes and goes all the time. its basic population ecology, granted when the population gets big enough to take care of all their normal prey (rabbits, voles, mice, etc.) and they move to a more stable prey source of pets. i honestly believe that if they reduce the population some i see this problem going away, well most of it. similar situation happened in my part of colorado where people have lost multiple cats, chickens, goats and calves, they have been looking for someone to help keep the populations a lil more in check. they came to me and asked me if i could help. of the 5 families that talked to me, 4 havent had any problems since i took out a dog or 2. the other family still has the occasional problem but thefrequencys of the incidents are drastically lower, and in those areas i still see yotes roamin around, just small changes to the population and these “problems” start going away. this is the reason why i am going to school to become a Division of Wildlife officer, to help these people see that they dont have to eradicate the population to see results.

  2. rhett korch says:

    ya. I might be goin there soon. see if I can get in on the action!

  3. Kevin Privett says:

    Need a few recommendations for areas to hunt in the Ft. Collins, Severance, and Windsor areas. Does anyone have some input?

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