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Learn how to hunt coyotes and other predators with the many How To Coyote Hunt, Coyote Hunting Tips, and Coyote Hunting Videos from Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst of Bucking The Odds. BTO is a G rated site with a friendly Predator Forum. Join the fun and camaraderie of our growing predator hunting community and see why hunters are so addicted to coyote hunting.

Learn How To Coyote Hunt - On this page you can access many coyote hunting post that explain the basics of predator hunting from Getting Permission to hunt, what Coyote Hunting Equipment is needed, or learn predator calling techniques. Coyotes are crafty and require predator hunters to study and learn proper techniques. Each category covers topics that will take the mystery out of predator hunting. Watch for new articles explaining How To Coyote hunt as our predator hunting site grows every day.

Coyote Hunting Videos - On this page you can watch the many Coyote Hunting Videos from Bucking The Odds in our video page. This is a collection of over 40 free coyote hunting videos that are both educational and entertaining! Join The Bucking The Odds’ guys Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst in their fun filled coyote hunts as they look at the reality of predator hunting by showing you what can go wrong along with the excitement of a successful predator hunt. Watch Bucking The Odds take coyotes with shotguns at close range. Our many hunting videos are filmed in HD and promise some of the best up close action on some of the most dramatic and exciting coyote hunts. These coyote hunting videos show you how fun coyote hunting really is when you learn the techniques required to successfully hunt coyotes and other predators.

Coyote Hunting Tips - On this page you can view coyote hunting tips that are released on a regular basis and titles may range from Scouting with Google Earth to dealing with Educated Coyotes. Coyotes are crafty varmints that have superb senses. These predator tips are quick and easy tools to help you become a successful predator hunter faster. Predator hunting is challenging. Lessoning the learning curve can speed up the enjoyment of a challenging and rewarding sport. There is nothing more exciting than calling in a coyote and watching it charge straight in to you.

News from Bucking The Odds - On this page you can keep track of Bucking The Odds and their recent predator hunting adventures on the BTO News Page. You will also find out when Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst will be on the Mojo Outdoors TV show. Watch Mojo Outdoors and see some of Bucking The Odds unseen coyote hunting footage!

Coyote Hunting Products - On this page you can visit our store where you are able to purchase predator hunting products like camouflage and predator decoys. You can also purchase Bucking The Odds’ t-shirts, decals, and hats. We even sell the MOJO Critter in our store. This is the predator hunting decoy shown in the BTO videos that produce up close and personal coyote footage.

Forum - On this page you can learn how to coyote hunt or share your knowledge of coyote hunting with fellow predator hunters. Become a member of our fast growing predator hunting forum. Our forum has all subjects related to hunting. Bucking The Odds’ hunting forum is a G rated and safe place for all ages. BTO also has the friendliest predator hunting forum on the web! Tell us about your hunt and show us images of your coyote hunting success!

Bucking The Odds Official Fan Page on facebook - On this page you can keep up to date at the Official Bucking The Odds Fan Page on Facebook. We will often download images of a successful coyote hunts live from the field. If you like Facebook you will like the BTO fan page.

Help Videos Our Help Page features several help videos that will help you become more familiar with our website.

Bucking The Odds is a predator hunting community dedicated to helping fellow hunters learn the art of predator hunting. Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst will share their experiences with their coyote hunting videos where they show how it is. They not only show their success, but they show their mistakes. In their coyote hunting videos you will see that none of their coyote hunts are the same. This is why predator hunting is so much fun. Every hunt is different from the terrain, cover, and the coyote’s personality. Coyote hunting is not easy. You will be starting a journey learning about the coyote and the necessary skills and hunting techniques required to have success.

It’s time for you to go coyote hunting and become the hunted! What are you waiting for?